Alexa Arndt, Top Ten Semi Finalist at Miss Tomball 2010

“I had the privilege of being coached by Michelle  in 2009 for the Miss Tomball Pageant. Due to her excellent coaching I placed in  the top ten. Michelle truly cares about the girls she coaches. She always gives  honest advice and respects your feelings and decisions. When working with  Michelle I felt I was a part of a great team.”




Katie Roark, First Runner Up to Miss Tomball 2012


“Working with Michelle was great! She was extremely positive and informative. She was very helpful when it came to giving me an idea of how to answer my questions, which increased my confidence tremendously. I went from never having done a pageant to getting 1st runner up, and I have Michelle to thank for that!”



Lauren Haydel, 3rd Runner Up to Miss Cy Fair 2011


“The Miss Cy-Fair pageant was my first experience with pageantry and when I met Michelle she helped me so much with everything from my walk to my smile. She was so patient with me and really helped my confidence grow!”



Rachel Lee, 3rd Runner Up to Miss Tomball 2012


“Like most girls in the Miss Tomball pageant, it was my first experience with pageantry. I was definitely clueless, so I turned to Michelle. Michelle cares about all of her girls so much and it shows! She helped me with my walk, my interview, and my bio which lend me to receiving 3rd Runner Up! I have Michelle to thank for my success and giving me the confidence to stand tall and love myself on and off the stage!”


Hannah Plucheck, 1st Runner Up to Miss Tomball 2012 (pictured with Miss Tomball 2012)


“Michelle was a fantastic pageant coach!! I’m so glad she helped me pick out my dress because that’s when I knew I needed her help to prepare me for the pageant. She taught me how to fix my posture and have eye contact with the judges. Also, she helped me with my questions so I would have full confidence in myself on stage. Thank you Michelle for everything, I can’t wait for you to help me pick out my gown and get me ready for next year!”




Kristen Haney, 6th Runner Up to Miss Tomball 2012 (pictured with Miss Tomball 2012)

“When I applied to be in Miss Tomball 2012, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Thankfully, I found Michelle!  She passed on a wealth of knowledge to me–from runway, to interview, to just standing out in a crowd!  Even when I thought I couldn’t do it, Michelle worked with me patiently and gave me the confidence I needed to shine like a star.  Thank you Michelle, I couldn’t have done it without you!”


” This year I had the privilege of competing in my first pageant, Miss Tomball. I was honored to capture the crown as Miss.Tomball 2013, but, I could  not have done it without the coaching and guidance of Michelle Jones. Throughout my first pageant experience Michelle has been much more than my coach. She has become my role model, biggest supporter, and most importantly my friend who I look up to for advice and guidance. Michelle sincerely cares about all the girls she coaches. She worked with me to improve my posture, poise, walk, and eye contact with the judges. Since this was my first pageant, Michelle prepped me on what to expect. When it came time for the pageant, I was comfortable on stage and could carry myself well, due to her excellent coaching. Most importantly though, she has given me back my confidence to be a successful young woman and to reign as Miss Tomball 2013 to the best of my ability. Thank you so much, Michelle! “


Olivia-cropped“As any girl would be, I was very nervous for my first pageant. Luckily I had Michelle’s wonderful guidance and advice to help me through it! Her coaching has not only made me a confident person on stage, but a more confident person off the stage. Her genuine compassion for every girl she works with makes the experience even more special. I felt extremely prepared while competing in the pageant, and honestly cannot thank her enough for all of the things she has helped me with. Michelle, thank you so much for your patience, support, and guidance you gave that helped me become Miss Tomball 2014!”.


Isabella Mingalone, 3rd Runner Up- Miss Tomball 2013


“Michelle is an amazing pageant coach! I appreciate her training immensely. Thanks to her guidance, I received 3rd runner up in the 2014 Miss Tomball pageant. She makes you feel extremely welcome, and I appreciated her thorough teaching skills.  She is with out a doubt, a great teacher!


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